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Which sectors do you work for?

We fill positions across all sectors with a focus on legal, tax and compliance. Our clients include national and international companies, tax and auditing firms, corporate law firms and boutique law firms.

Does the direct search also include classic headhunting?

Yes, a direct search also includes identifying and contacting professionals with whom we have not yet been in contact (headhunting). Together with our efficient network, this opens up many opportunities and allows us to focus on the filling the respective positions in the best possible way

Which fee models do you work with?

  • In the case of personnel recruitment and direct and executive searches, the commission is borne by the employer for whom we work. This service is therefore free of charge for the candidates approached. The same applies when we advise candidates on future options and include them in our candidate pool.
  • After a free preliminary conversation, business coaching is invoiced directly to the client or the client's employer on an hourly-rate basis.
  • We offer job application and presentation training as a package, which also includes tailoring the contents to the individual situation and needs of each client.

We would be happy to discuss further details in person.

How do you support me as an applicant or in the search for a new professional challenge?

In the way you want! We offer you attractive vacancies and have a high-quality network of employers who we would be pleased to introduce to you if your are a good match. In addition, we offer our consulting services especially for legal and tax experts. Whether you are looking for career advice, business coaching or job application training in preparation for personal interviews, we will be an experienced partner at your side.

Does it make sense to contact you proactively?

Yes, definitely. Especially if you are open to a career change and personal development. Because alongside the direct search approach, our internal network has priority and first we point out interesting options to candidates. And we will also be happy to support you if you are going through application and development processes which we are not directly involved in.

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